Artist development

Work with recording artists/songwriters musical theater performers to develop and execute their overall performance technique diction, stage movement, stage presence, vocal skills.

Song writing

We write songs, melodies and lyrics. Also we do lyrics formatting and re writing for melodic and lyrical direction which makes awesome songs and musics.

Vocal training

Instruct singers on how to improve their singing technique, how to take care of and develop their voice and prepare for stage /performance concerts and theater performances.

Live performance

We work with live performance and we will be available for live performances on booking basis. And we can work with the backstage activities of music concerts.

Vocal producer

Produce the instrumental tracking and vocals for record recordings, consulting on diction and vocal placement. And we help in pre-production such as discovering background vocals.


We do consultation services for different aspects of Music and Music productions. Our service sector includes Song Writing, Studio Recording, Vocals and Vocal Placements.